Thursday, July 28, 2011

Goodbye summer time sweat!

Dear Summer,
You are beautiful, yet fleeting. I've enjoyed the past two(ish) months with you. I have never been as lazy as I have been with you. You've given me too much time on my hands (aka blog addiction), the chance to sleep late (everyday), and the ability to nap (even though I had 8 hours of sleep the previous night.) You are beautiful, yet cruel. After today, our last day together, you are flinging me back into the real world, once again, of early mornings and long nights, stress (and the stress eating that usually accompanies it), and I must return to being a productive individual. I shall miss you, sweet Summertime, but will greet you again in 180ish days!

(But, I won't be too devastated. With your absence, my lover, aka college football season, returns! Hotty Toddy!)

Until we meet again, Summer, my darling, I bid thee a fond farewell!


Tuesday, July 26, 2011


(Just a little FYI: Today's blog is literally taken from an email I sent all of my gal-pal's this weekend. So, if they're reading this and are thinking "Hmmm...this sounds familiar", it's because you've read it already!)

Bonjour, mes amis!
(For those of you that didn't take french in high school, like moi, supposedly that means "hello, my friends!")

I am in a France-state-of-mind, people! I've decided that someway or somehow, I am going to move to a tiny village in the South of France, find a hot french husband, adopt a cute dog-friend, learn how to wear a scarf like all the french women, drink tons of french wine, eat an abundance of french cheeses with nice fresh baguettes, and make friends with charming french people pantomiming our conversations because they don't speak english and I don't speak a lick of french. (Except for a certain word that I learned from this tutorial on youtube. Although I have to make sure I use the right voice inflection so I don't offend my new french friends.)

I know. It sounds adventurous, doesn't it? Maybe a little too adventurous for a mademoiselle like moi??? You're probably all wondering what inspired this new life plan? Well, mes amis, it's because of this brillante (that's 'brilliant' in french!) little blog about a woman living out my new life dream:

(Go on it! It'll take you straight to her blog. Yeah, that's right. I put the link in a picture. I'm fancy like that.)

I have been living vicariously through Sara this whole weekend, laughing out loud at her stories, and seriously craving some wine and cheese. I hope y'all enjoy it like I have! It's just too MERVEILLEUX not to share (According to google, that's 'marvellous'.)

From reading Sara's blog, I think I would fit in perfectly in Provence! Provence is located in the south of France...and I'm from the south. So, technically, I'd still be a southerner and supposedly their accents are so thick it's hard to understand them. Nothing new here!

I wonder if there's a french word for y'all?

Annnnnnnnnd, according to Sara, the French southerners are always late for everything.
Punctuality is not my strong suit.
(Side note: our new sign in time at work is 7:00 in the AM...I don't know how I'm going to do it!)

The more I read her blog, the more I'm convinced I belong in France living the fabulous life. (Shhh...don't tell, but I've even looked at teaching at international schools in France, well, Paris, actually, but I think I could handle Paris!)

I hope y'all venture over to Le Petite Village and enjoy witty Sara's writings! And if I were y'all, I'd make sure I had some of this:

(rosé wine...the signature wine in Provence!)


Le fromage!

Now I can answer that snarky question thrown my way when I may, or may not be, in the best of tempers:
"Would you like some cheese with that whine???"

Why, yes. Yes, I would!

Mes amis, au revior!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Love. This.

I found these words to be so powerful, I saved it and made it my desktop background.

See what I mean?

XoXo, my loves!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fruit of my Labor

Hello peeps!
The sneak preview on Tuesday was a SMASHING success. I'm pretty sure the whole county showed up to take a look at the latest and greatest school in our system. I also met some adorable future kindergartners that I am praying wind up on my class list. Tuesday evening definitely made me excited for the upcoming school year.

As promised, here are a few pictures of my new classroom:

I still have one more thing to put on the wall, my lily pad counting line to go under my lily pad number line. (Lots of lily pads, I know. But soooo cute.) I'm waiting on it to come in the mail. And, of course, as the year progresses, I'll have lots of student work to display and anchor charts that my class and I make together to hang on the walls.

So, there ya go, the fruit of my hard work from the last week. Hopefully, I won't have to move again for a good, long time.

Can I just mention really quickly my summer obsession?

I am, literally, obsessed with this show.
I believe that inside me, lives the soul of a dancer, but the outside me, is just a clumsy dancing fool. My favorite dancers this season are:

Melanie Moore
(How can you not love a fellow Georgia gal that rocks an adorable pixie cut???) She is hands down the best female dancer on this show. She's just UH-mazing. She got to dance with my love-uh, Pasha, last night. I was a little worried because it was the waltz and it's my least favorite ballroom dance, but it was STUNNING! She's going to be in the finale, I'm sure of it.


Marko Germar.
He's seriously the best male dancer of this season.
Also, he's from Guam! Who's from Guam!? I've never met a Guamanian. Love it!
And also? He's humble. Last night he kicked some major butt in a latin-dance-I-don't-know-the-name-of with the all-star Chelsea Hightower and the judges completely sang his praises and he left the stage with tears in his eyes! SO SWEET! I also think he'll be with Melanie in the finale.

Here they are doing a lyrical hip-hop routine as partners. The story of the dance is so sweet and I remember feeling a rush of emotion the night they performed it...

Well, that's all for today folks. I'm off to go do some dancing in my bedroom where no one can see me!

Xoxo, my loves.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer, summer, summer timeeeeeeee..... quickly drawing to a close for me. And this is how I feel:

People think being a teacher is loaded with lots of perks. Like, for example,
two months off in the most sweltering of months where one can
sleep in late...

(I do this one really well!)


getting to lounge by the pool while working on your tan...

(Oh, yeah...I forgot: I don't tan. I burn. REALLY bad. Ouch. )

Thank God for this:

And there's the perk of being generally stress-free after a chaotic year of educating America's youth.

And for most, that's all true. Except when the month of July rolls around and subconsciously or not, you begin the count down of how many days of sweet freedom you have left until you return to school. For me, the countdown began when I started to see all of the back-to-school supplies out in Wal-Mart.

A mixture of both excitment and dread hit me like a ton of bricks. (I'm pretty sure excitement won out.) Why? BECAUSE I'M MOVING TO A BRAND-SPANKING NEW SCHOOL!

And I get to teach my beloved Kindergarten again!!!

My beautiful, state-of-the-art new school is having a community preview this coming Tuesday and ,of course, I volunteered to have my room ready because I wanted to get that sucker DONE! So, for the past four days, I have been working tirelessly in my new classroom unpacking, organizing, moving furniture, hanging up posters and alphabets, etc. and it's about 80% done. I'm going to head over there in the next hour to slave away some more. When it's all finished, I'll take some pictures and post them up here so y'all can see the fruit of my labor!

I really am so excited to work at my new school. Everyone I've met feels the same and they're all just so nice! Now, I can't wait to meet all of my sweet little kindergarten friends!

(Did I mention we're having The Varsity truck at our Sneak Preview on Tuesday? I love that place!)

Well, I'm off, my friends!

XoXo, my loves!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Yeah. Hmm. I kind of suck at blogging?
And my little bloggy plant is so dead and brown.
And when you have a dead plant...

You've got to throw it out.

And get something new and pretty and pink instead!
(And who doesn't LOVE hydrangeas!?!)

(I love, love, love them.)

So, people...

Shall we?

Xoxo, my loves.