Thursday, February 10, 2011

I love NBC Thursday Nights....

"Calzones are a terrible idea. They're pizza...just harder to eat!"
--Leslie Knope

Every episdoe of Parks and Rec that I watch, I become more convinced that Leslie Knope and I may share several of the same personality traits as well as at least a 1/4 of a brain.

Also, Ron Swanson in braids and a kimono with the middle of his mustache missing????
Yeeeeeee haaaaw!

Now, off to watch tonight's 30 Rock. Quotes of the night so far (and in the first 5 minutes to boot)....
Candaian bell hop: "And may I ask, what's so wrong aboot being from Canada?"
Jack: "If Canada is so nice and friendly, why does most of our meth come from YOUR Asian drug rings?"
Avery: "Are we not even making our own meth!?! What is happening to American manufacturing!?!?!"


{And yes, I realize I haven't updated in a million and one years. I will update soon...ish.}

XOXO, my loves!


  1. Blair! Go check out my blog, I gave you an award :)

  2. ok i think i need to start watching these shows....everyone is raving about them!!!