Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer, summer, summer timeeeeeeee..... quickly drawing to a close for me. And this is how I feel:

People think being a teacher is loaded with lots of perks. Like, for example,
two months off in the most sweltering of months where one can
sleep in late...

(I do this one really well!)


getting to lounge by the pool while working on your tan...

(Oh, yeah...I forgot: I don't tan. I burn. REALLY bad. Ouch. )

Thank God for this:

And there's the perk of being generally stress-free after a chaotic year of educating America's youth.

And for most, that's all true. Except when the month of July rolls around and subconsciously or not, you begin the count down of how many days of sweet freedom you have left until you return to school. For me, the countdown began when I started to see all of the back-to-school supplies out in Wal-Mart.

A mixture of both excitment and dread hit me like a ton of bricks. (I'm pretty sure excitement won out.) Why? BECAUSE I'M MOVING TO A BRAND-SPANKING NEW SCHOOL!

And I get to teach my beloved Kindergarten again!!!

My beautiful, state-of-the-art new school is having a community preview this coming Tuesday and ,of course, I volunteered to have my room ready because I wanted to get that sucker DONE! So, for the past four days, I have been working tirelessly in my new classroom unpacking, organizing, moving furniture, hanging up posters and alphabets, etc. and it's about 80% done. I'm going to head over there in the next hour to slave away some more. When it's all finished, I'll take some pictures and post them up here so y'all can see the fruit of my labor!

I really am so excited to work at my new school. Everyone I've met feels the same and they're all just so nice! Now, I can't wait to meet all of my sweet little kindergarten friends!

(Did I mention we're having The Varsity truck at our Sneak Preview on Tuesday? I love that place!)

Well, I'm off, my friends!

XoXo, my loves!

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